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Do you crave something more?

What do you want out of life? Are you living up to your potential?

Do you feel, deep in the depths of your soul, that there is more to your existence than you have been lead to believe?

We can help.

Bileth can help.

But only if you join us...


The prestigious Order of Bileth has existed for many thousands of years, worshipping this supreme being who has long since been erased from the records of mankind.

Though this was once a prosperous world, those who did not understand her worth banished her from our plane, trapping her between the worlds, all but forgetting her love and generosity.

But, her loyal followers have not forgotten, and have passed down the words of her greatness, from one generation to the next, to keep her will and spirit alive in us all. We have long since operated on the fringes of society to bring about her return. We have waited patiently, studying her words, gathering our strength, adding to our numbers, with aims to return her to her rightful place, and bring about a new era of greatness to this world.

The Order of Bileth is for everyone who has ever wanted more out of life, who has felt lost and alone, who knows that their purpose is still out there waiting for them.

We can help you achieve that purpose. We will help you learn the one truth, and behold the majesty that is Bileth.

Help us bring this harrowed world to its end, and bring about a new age of splendor.

Join us, and you join not only an organization dedicated to a better future, but you also join a family.

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Please join us on August 24, 2017 for Remembrance Day.

On Remembrance Day, we honor those who came before and all the work they have done for the Order of Bileth.

Mingle with Order members, hear more about their work, and see for yourself the fruits of their labor.

The evening will include: Casual Cocktail Hour, Rituals, Ceremony, & More

Pre-Sale is now available for those with the password Midsummer Scream for $50.

Regular Sale will begin August 4th for $60

Buy tickets for Remembrance Day


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You may contact us today by writing to contact@orderofbileth.com